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"The Collector"Archived

Wotja music with Art work

Wotja is FREE for iOS, macOS, Windows &Android. Get Wotja Now! .

Archived Mix: The generative mix in this work was created with Mixtikl meaning it does not use or take advantage of the newest Wotja sound and music engines. It was recorded to video in July 2016 but has been converted to a Wotja mix to allow it to be embedded in this page (for those who are interested).

The generative mix includes this image.

To live play the Wotja Music:

Get Wotja (it's FREE!), then play as follows:

  1. Download the Wotja file and open in Wotja, or;
  2. Import the WJURL (see how) [Pro mode required], or;
  3. Web Play in Safari for iOS/macOS (if not already playing):
    1. Ensure you have enabled the Wotja Safari App Extension for
    2. Wotja Launch Icon Tap button; Select 'Open' or 'Allow'; Background Wotja; Refresh webpage.
    3. Stop: Tap here then "Stop" in Wotja orange panel.