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Generative Music Wotjas

For a number of my artworks I have now created a "Wotja" (a generative music mix) to accompany them, and it also includes an image of the artwork. As the music plays you can reflect on the work and meaning behind it.

I have exported the Wotja mix file as a Wotja URL ('WJURL') and embedded it into the Play button web link. If you want to know how to share a Wotja, then see "How to Share a 'Wotja'".

To listen to the 'Wotja' (for free) you will need to get the free Wotja for your device. Once installed, come back to the page then on iOS or macOS you just need to tap the play button and it will auto-load in Wotja. If you get stuck, or just want some further info, see "How to Play a Shared 'Wotja' [case B]".

More info about Wotja


Wotja at the App Store

Wotja iOS
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Wotja macOS (FREE)
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Wotja Android (FREE)

To play you need Wotja installed. Tap the Play button at the top of the pages linked below. See "How to Play a Shared 'Wotja' [case B]".


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Wotja Mix Links (as downloadable .SKD [case B])