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Tim Cole AKA 'Colartz'

Guitarist, Composer, Artist & Generative Musician

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Guitarist & Composer: I was 14 when I got my first guitar in Exmouth, Devon and I've been playing & writing music ever since. For a few years after that I also played and wrote a few things for piano, but they've got lost. New 3 track mini-album "Jessica Joane Cole".

Songwriter: I decided in the late 90s that it might be an idea to try my hand at songwriting. Not sure it was such a good idea...

Artist: In the late 80s I went to a Michael Hedges concert. As a guitarist and composer and he just blew me away - how could anyone compete with that. That was when I started my artworks.

Generative Musician: My tech road started in 1990. Sometimes if you want something you have to build it. See Technologist.

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1990 - 2002


Some time in the early 80's I read Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy. I imagined it might be possible to build something to create a real-time "intermorphic" performance. So, in 1990 I took myself off to do an MBA at Cranfield and where I am now an alumni. Whilst there I co-founded SSEYO Ltd and it went on to develop the SSEYO Koan Generative Music System. The Koan engine was principally designed / developed by Pete Cole (my brother) and me, with important input from Timothy Didymus and Brian Eno. We were very lucky and honoured that SSEYO Koan won a BAFTA in 2001.

Tao Group

2002 - 2007

Head of Audio

In 2002 SSEYO was acquired by Tao Group and I worked there as Head of Audio. At Tao, Pete and I developed some spectacular audio technologies (e.g. intent Sound System) and apps (e.g. SSEYO miniMIXA, one of the earliest powerful music apps) for mobile devices. It was my view at the time that "the mobile phone is the next electric guitar" (via Internet Archive Wayback Machine), something that has now come true to some extent. We were obviously delighted when SSEYO miniMIXA won a BAFTA in 2005. Sadly, however, Tao then went bust in 2007.


2007 - Today


In 2007 Pete and I co-founded another company, Intermorphic Ltd., and we set about building Liptikl (something altogether new) and Noatikl (a clean room developed replacement for Koan that could play Koan files). In April 2008 Intermorphic acquired the rights to Koan, miniMIXA and the intent Sound System and that technology base helped Intermorphic develop Mixtikl. We then went on to create Tiklbox and then Wotja. By Wotja V5 we had managed to consolidate all previous apps into just one app branded Wotja and which is now for iOS, macOS, Windows and Android.

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