For 45 years or so I have created guitar music and recorded some of it. Only a fraction of it has made it to the website, or probably ever will. This is partly because the recordings are poor. But it also because I am a terrible archivist I am lazy, too; I even if I could find them I can't be bothered to process and polish them. As a general rule once I record something it I seem to forget it and move on to the next one. So, they are probably long gone...

The above said, don't expect any of the acoustic guitar recordings below to be in any "studio standard" in terms of quality or performance - but they are still hopefully worth a listen as they feature some lovely melodies!

For the past decade I've focused my energies on Intermorphic. So far my site has only a handful of recordings online - I hope to add more as I get time.

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That's About It

Steel Guitar

I recorded the first iteration of this piece back in January, but have since extended it. It has a jazzy feel but and some strong melodic phrasing. It's not perfect by any means, but I recorded it (a version, anyhow; each time I play it it is slightly different) to get the gist of it and to make sure I did not lose it. The first version has already been used as a jingle by Lucy Cole in her "Earsight" Riverside radio show.

"That's About It" © Tim Cole 2020. ISRC UKQCM2000001. All rights reserved.



Watch the video of this recording:

On Second Thoughts

Steel Guitar

This guitar piece starts with an easy to play melodic riff, which to me has the feel of open country and fresh starts. As it progresses it oscillates between this and a more reflective, nostalgic section, echoing that in life that fresh starts are not always what they are envisaged to be - on every journey there are unexpected challenges that need to be overcome and some things may need to be left behind as a consequence of that.

"On Second Thoughts" © Tim Cole 2018. ISRC UKQCM1800001. All rights reserved.



Watch the video of this recording:

Three Two One Awake

Classical Guitar

This quirky piece (recording played on classical guitar) has a few interesting jazz chords and some nice melodies. I decided to let it be free flowing so I have no idea of time signature. It is meant to accompany a picture of the same name "Three Two One Awake".

"Three Two One Awake" © Tim Cole 2016. All rights reserved.



See also the video of this, recorded on Steel Guitar:

Not in My Name

Steel Guitar

A new composition that is also enjoyable to play. It requires very specific hand and finger positioning for certain slides and to allow certain notes to ring on. Because of that I've been working on refining this one for a year or two.

Semi Finalist Song of The Year "Instrumental" category.

"Not in My Name" © Tim Cole 2016. All rights reserved.



His Story All Over

Steel Guitar / Synth

An old man in a hotel room. His last look back at your life, alone. It flashes by, again, and again. A series of memories in the blink of an eye. And it is gone. A story told once, and never to be told again.

"His Story All Over" © Tim Cole 2006. All rights reserved.



Silence at Sunset

Nylon Guitar

Atmospheric guitar composition (with synth background), played on nylon.

Also: Artwork of the same name.

"Silence at Sunset" © Tim Cole 2002. All rights reserved.



Ray Ning In

Steel Guitar

Guitar composition, played on steel.

"Ray Ning In" © Tim Cole 2002. All rights reserved.



Long Story

Steel Guitar

Guitar composition, played on steel.

"Long Story" © Tim Cole 2002. All rights reserved.



Hearing things 1

A lovely custom drone piece, built from scratch, with a few points of detail as it meanders.

© Tim Cole 2016. All rights reserved. Created with Intermorphic generative software.

Hearing things 1



Noatikl Generative


Created with Noatikl software.

© Intermorphic Ltd 2013. All rights reserved.

Calm trails


Ebb and Flow

Tiklbox Calm 5

Tiklbox Relax 6



Mixtikl Generative


Created with Mixtikl software.

© Intermorphic Ltd 2013. All rights reserved.


Bells Glasses


Melodic Pads