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"Blue Wonder"

Wotja music with Art work

Wotja is FREE for iOS, macOS, Windows &Android. Get Wotja Now! .

Blue Wonder by Tim Cole

Tap image for full screen. "Blue Wonder" Art Work

The generative mix includes this image.

2 min (MP3)

To live play the Wotja Music:

Get Wotja (it's FREE!), then play as follows:

  1. Download the Wotja file and open in Wotja, or;
  2. Import the WJURL (see how) [Pro mode required], or;
  3. Web Play in Safari for iOS/macOS (if not already playing):
    1. Ensure you have enabled the Wotja Safari App Extension for
    2. Wotja Launch Icon Tap button; Select 'Open' or 'Allow'; Background Wotja; Refresh webpage.
    3. Stop: Tap here then "Stop" in Wotja orange panel.