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iOS4 works with iGo Stowaway ultra-slim bluetooth keyboard iPod touch

Posted by Tim Cole on 22nd June 2010

I have just updated the iPod touch to iOS4, and thought I would try a quick test. I had an old iGo Stowaway Ultra-slim bluetooth keyboard lurking about in a drawer (which I had used with my old N95) and thought I might as well try to see if it would hook up OK.

Well, blow me down. It does pair to the iPod touch, and it does work as a bluetooth keyboard. I have not done a full check, but I did type an email fine. Further quick investigation seems to show that the nav keys and lowercase/uppercase keys seem to work in Email, but not page down/page up etc. Although Mixtikl can be controlled by keyboard, the Stowaway key presses are not registered. So, maybe it only works in email and other doc related programs (which I have not properly checked other than to note that there seems to be no shortcut to send a mail or select an email address from a drop list – you have to use your fingers for that).

There is no real reason I should be surprised, but I guess the upshot is that maybe other 3rd party Bluetooth keyboards will work with iOS4, iPhone and maybe iPad, too. Hence posting the news.

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