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miniMIXA at 3GSM – XY control surface

Posted by Tim Cole on February 5th, 2007

3GSM gets ever closer (next week now), and I am planning to show a new addition to miniMIXA – an XY control surface in the beta FXM Editor module. This allows you XY control of e.g. a high quality low pass filter on an audio loop or a modular (or even MIDI!) synth line – huge fun for a live mix. The FX chain (including the filter) can also include e.g. a stereo delay or reverb, so the whole sound is rather spectacular, and really cool to play with.

Not only is this something that I am going to show at the Tao buses (where Tao is showing its GamePlayer), but I also hope to do a small live demo at the Tao party – mobile music mixing, with audience participation, over bluetooth. Not being a “live performer” I am hoping the technology all works on the night :)

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  1. Palm Sounds Says:

    That sounds fantastic Tim. You’ve got to get some video of the participation. Sounds wonderful.

  2. Tim Cole Says:

    Hi, thanks for the interest! The kind of participation I am going for is to let people live change the mix on the phone, with the audio output feed going over bluetooth to the PA (allowing me to walk about with the phone). I doubt we will be doing a video of it, but you never know! I might even have 2 roving (unsynched) phones, both feeding outputs into the PA, but both being controlled (at times) by people there. I will probably set it up so that the mix is based on a combination of audio loops and a few MIDI driven modular synth sounds, and maybe even a couple of audio streams (i.e. streamed from the phone’s file system). I am tempted to try to do an extended mix pulled together on the fly, and I will likely be using HTC MTeoR and TyTN devices. I guess I will only know by the time it gets to Monday. Wish me luck :)

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